The government is guaranteeing the Old Post Office won’t be sullied by Army-Navy surplus stores. (Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump has assured Washington’s elite that, make no mistake, his Old Post Office hotel will be the best, the best, with the finest accommodations and amenities on offer in the city. The federal government, however, is not taking his word for it, Jim McElhatton of the Washington Times has discovered. The 300-plus-page lease agreement between the Trump Organization and the General Services Administration includes the following codicils: “Cabarets are OK, according to the lease, but only as long as they are not topless. Army Navy surplus stores aren’t welcome. Neither are discount jewelers or secondhand stores. Blood banks are banned, too.” Also banned: fish and tackle shops, public laundromats, auto supply shops and “establishments that primarily provide dental care on credit.”

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