Both staffing and setting have contributed to the spate of suicides inside the D.C. jail, a report has found. (MARVIN JOSEPH/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Four D.C. jail inmates have died of suicide in the past year — an alarming record that grew more alarming after a public airing Thursday at a D.C. Council hearing. The statistics are staggering — 165 attempted suicides over a two-year period — and an assessment of the jail by a national expert, the Post’s Aaron C. Davis reports, faulted poor training among the corrections officers and health providers in the jail. Those lapses compound weaknesses in the jail itself, which can house well over 1,500 inmates but contains only nine “suicide-resistant” cells. Corrections Director Thomas Faust said he plans to spent $600,000 removing dangerous items from cells and retraining staff to avoid situations such as this one, reported by an advocacy lawyer: After Labor Department attorney Paul Mannina took his own life in June, fellow inmates were assigned to clean the bloody cell. One, suffering from bipolar disorder, required therapy afterward.

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