Machen said, among other things, that some people criticizing the slow pace of his investigation are not cooperating with it. (Aaron C. Davis/The Washington Post)

U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. came down to the Hill Center Wednesday evening for a lengthy public chat with WRC-TV reporter Tom Sherwood. After fielding questions about his upbringing, delivering milquetoast opinion on the Redskins name and lamenting his office’s sequester-starved staffing, things got down to brass tacks. Machen said his investigation into Mayor Vincent C. Gray and businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson — not that he mentioned their names — would be moving more quickly were there not so many “challenges and obstacles” in the way — among them, a quarrel over the production of documents with Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan. But Machen assured those listening this is no wild goose chase: “It’s not like we’ve been looking at this for three years and there’s no there there. I mean, there’s there there, and we’re trying to gather information.”

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