Vincent Gray files paperwork to run for reelection at the D.C. Board of Elections on Dec. 2 (Cliff Owen/AP)

So Vincent Gray is once again a mayoral candidate, and despite well over two years of unflattering headlines, he starts the Democratic primary race in pole position. Here’s why: Gray starts out with a political base remaining from his 2010 run, and is competing against possibly 11 challengers — including four D.C. Council members with decent bases of their own. And a flourishing city economy should hold down throw-the-bums-out discontent that could hurt the incumbent. Gray’s campaign team believes he has the opportunity to expand his support, too, but that may depend on to what extent Gray will be willing to address the 2010 campaign shenanigans. “Forgiveness and redemption is a powerful feeling, and everyone is entitled to it,” says campaign manager Chuck Thies. “But to get it, you have to ask.”

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