The city’s recycling bins are getting bigger: The old 32-gallon cans (left) will be replaced this year with new 48-gallon and 64-gallon cans. (Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post)

Never fear, the new Supercans are nearly here.

In November, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) announced a plan to roll out $9 million worth of new trash and recycling bins to District households in the new year. But his plan for funding the new receptacles — drawing from funds previously earmarked for the city retiree health fund — was voted down by the D.C. Council weeks later.

The Gray administration said Thursday it had located a new source of funds, and the first replacement cans will be distributed next month. They will be paid for out of the city’s Contingency Cash Reserve Fund, which will be replenished when the city’s budget surplus is announced next month, said spokesman Pedro Ribeiro. The move does not require D.C. Council approval.

Households that get once-a-week trash pickup will get a new 96-gallon “Supercan” plus a new 64-gallon recycling bin, which is double the size of current recycling bins. In neighborhoods receiving twice-a-week trash pickup, households will get new 32-gallon trash cans plus large 48-gallon recycling bins.

The old cans, some of which are more than a decade old, will be collected by the Department of Public Works and recycled.