“It sounds bad, and it’s worse than it sounds.” That’s what David Berns, the District’s human services director and the top official in charge of care for the homeless, told the D.C. Council Monday. It was an acknowledgment of a staggering demand for shelter from homeless families, a demand not seen since the 1980s and one that threatens to bust the city’s shelter budget, The Post’s Brigid Schulte reports. The D.C. General family shelter is full, and even hotel rooms are scarce, leading some to sleep on cots at rec centers. Advocates have plans to keep families out of those bad situations using short- and medium-term housing assistance, but it’s not at all clear that the city has enough affordable units in which to place all of the needy families. Easy solutions are wanting, Berns says: “Right now, I don’t have any fresh ideas.”

In other news:

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