Don Graham’s first op-ed as ex-Post-owner includes a shiv of council member and mayoral hopeful David Catania. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Donald E. Graham has penned his first Washington Post op-ed since relinquishing control of the newspaper his family owned for 80 years; it deals with D.C. education policy and politics, and, boy, it is a doozy. On the eve of D.C. Council oversight hearings for the D.C. Public Schools and Chancellor Kaya Henderson, Graham writes attention should be paid to “the council members performing the evaluation, particularly those who wish to be mayor.” The backdrop consists of rising test scores and, in Henderson, stable DCPS leadership for the first time in many years. “[T]he outlook for education in the District has never been better,” Graham writes. “What could possibly go wrong? Longtime D.C. residents know the answer: D.C. politicians.” Only one, however, is mentioned by name: Council Education Committee chairman David A. Catania (I-At Large), whom he calls “a bully for whom no strong leader would ever work” and “the council’s leading would-be micromanager.”

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