D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe at his office in the Reeves Center. He says he has brought accountability to the department; some of his firefighters call it a culture of fear. (Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

The Post’s Amy Brittain delves into the tumult of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department and the contentious tenure of Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe, whose management has pitted much of the rank-and-file, complaining of intimidation and unfairness, squarely against him: “The rancor has intensified in the past year. Ellerbe’s face was digitally imposed onto Osama bin Laden’s body and circulated in text messages among firefighters,” Brittain writes. “During the holiday season, a photo of the chief’s face was shaded green and transposed onto the body of the Grinch.” Among the D.C. native’s favored managerial tactics: Roaming the city in a black SUV, keeping a watchful eye over the ranks. “I’m all over the place,” Ellerbe said in an interview. “I am omnipresent if that’s what they want to think. I am watching all of the time. Because I care about what happens in this city.”

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