D.C.'s proposal to decriminalize marijuana goes further than almost any other state in the nation, short of Colorado and Washington. PostTV explains the one-ounce rule in the legislation. (Theresa Poulson/The Washington Post)

The D.C. Council meets an hour later than usual today due to the weather, and the most prominent matter on the agenda is a second and final vote to decriminalize marijuana possession in the city. The measure, sponsored by Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), is expected to pass easily, The Post’s Aaron C. Davis reports, and the only real drama is over whether Vincent Orange (D-At Large) will succeed in amending the bill to prevent employers from testing for marijuana use. The law will set up some stark contrasts between local and federal drug laws: “It would be legal under District law, for instance, to carry up to an ounce of marijuana split into dozens of bags, the drug paraphernalia to smoke it and an unlimited amount of cash. But under federal law, those conditions could be used to charge someone with possession with intent to distribute, potentially drawing years in prison and other steep penalties.”

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