The campaign forum circuit is winding down as early voting approaches. (Aaron C. Davis/The Washington Post)

In one week, primary voters start heading to the polls, and this weekend came several assessments of the mayoral race. The Post’s Marc Fisher looked at the quiet but notable role race is playing in the campaigns — a storyline that has been tempered by the fact that the leading white candidates, Jack Evans and Tommy Wells, now appear to be running behind incumbent Vincent Gray and fellow D.C. Council member Muriel Bowser. Fisher also looks at the fight for “plausibility” down the ballot, as candidates try to avoid being tagged as spoilers for higher-polling candidates. And AP’s Ben Nuckols looks at how an especially small swath of Democratic voters could pick the mayor this year — leading to new attention on the District’s electoral system. Tonight a new round of campaign finance reports are due, and the candidate forum circuit begins to taper off. But could we be on the cusp of a pre-election surprise?

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