Jeffrey E. Thompson on Monday pleaded guilty in federal court to funding a “shadow campaign” to help Vincent C. Gray win the 2010 mayoral election. (Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post)

Twenty months ago, when the “shadow campaign” for his 2010 election was first revealed, Mayor Vincent C. Gray weathered calls for his ouster and, last year, proceeded with a reelection run. On Monday, the funder of that shadow campaign, Jeffrey Thompson, said in federal court that Gray knew about the secret effort and even presented him with a budget for it. Now Gray appears to be holding fast once again, calling Thompson’s claims “lies.” But this time he doesn’t have months to recover — only the three weeks until votes are counted in the upcoming Democratic primary. The primary race has started anew, with this question posed to voters: Do you believe “Uncle Earl,” as Thompson wished to be known, or do you believe Vince Gray? Hizzoner continues his case for credibility tonight, with his fourth State of the District address. More from APWaTimesWUSA-TVWJLA-TVWAMU-FMWTTG-TVWBJWashingtonianWNEW-FMUSA TodayNew York TimesWSJReutersCNN and Fox News.

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