In his State of the District address, Mayor Vincent Gray impugned accuser Jeffrey Thompson, saying he “tried to illegally subvert the election of Barack Obama” by funding a secret campaign for Hillary Clinton. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

In his fourth, perhaps final, State of the District address, Mayor Vincent C. Gray presented voters with a choice: “I ask you: Who do you believe?” he asked. “A greedy man attempting to save himself? Or me, a public servant who has dedicated my entire career and my entire life to giving back to our communities in the District of Columbia?” It’s the threshold question for Gray’s re-election hopes — one he trusts voters will resolve in his favor, not Jeffrey Thompson’s, allowing them to move on to the merits of the policy prescriptions he presented Tuesday night at Kelly Miller Middle School: a $116 million pledge of new education funds, a long-awaited plan for addressing family homelessness, parental leave for city employees and even a “One City Business Portal” Web site for licenses and permits. “My friends, that is real progress,” Gray told the crowd. More from APWRC-TVWTTG-TVWJLA-TVWaTimes and Loose Lips.

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