Bob Bennett stands in his office, with his fish mounted on the wall. (Bill O’Leary/Washington Post)

Lawyer Bob Bennett, the Post’s Ben Terris reports, has a fish. It’s a brown speckled trout mounted to the wall of his office at Hogan Lovells and the mounting has an inscription: “If I kept my mouth shut, I wouldn’t be here.” That is advice Bennett’s client Vincent C. Gray has not been following very closely, particularly in the aftermath of businessman Jeffrey E. Thompson’s guilty plea Monday, which implicated the mayor in knowing about an illegal “shadow campaign.” Silence, however, is not a tenable strategy for a public official in Gray’s position. He continued to protest his innocence and lambaste Thompson Wednesday, as he broke ground on the long-awaited Skyland development but lost a key endorsement. “One of the more difficult things in representing high-profile clients is that they’ve gotten where they are because they are great communicators who convince people of whatever they want to convince them of,” Bennett tells Terris. “And very often, I want to tell these folks that they are now in a place where that doesn’t necessarily work.”

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