On the snow-delayed first day of early voting, it was Muriel Bowser who made the biggest splash, turning out campaign workers and volunteers early in the day. But the first day of voting was generally short on voters, with only 158 casting ballots after nine hours of voting. Meanwhile, Post columnist Petula Dvorak identifies a hole in support for Bowser, the leading black woman in the race: black women. Petula’s survey of voters reveals two problems: A well-established Adrian Fenty problem — as in, Bowser’s political patron who remains politico non grata in many circles — and, significantly, a Sharon Pratt problem — as in, the one-term former mayor who may have poisoned the well for a generation of female mayoral candidates. Bowser responds in part that “women expect a perfect candidate” for mayor. Notes Petula, “But they don’t have that perfect-candidate expectation of men. Lord knows we’ve had our share of imperfect men in office.” More on early voting from WJLA-TV and WTTG-TV.

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