Vincent Gray, left, greets former mayor and current Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry, right, on stage before Barry’s endorsement of Gray’s re-election at the Matthews Memorial Baptist Church in Washington. (John McDonnell/ The Washington Post)

Four years ago, Vincent C. Gray ran for mayor with the unmistakable support of Marion Barry, the former four-term mayor turned D.C. Council member. But Gray, running on his cherished “One City” theme, never fully embraced the divisive Barry as mascot, even as he cruised to victory on a margin padded with African American votes. Now on the political ropes, Gray embraced Barry’s imprimatur Wednesday, all while insisting that “One City” lives: “I don’t discriminate in terms of where the vote should come from. … Marion Barry appeals to people across the District of Columbia.” But Barry was happier talking about two cities: “This city, as most urban cities, is divided racially and class-wise. I didn’t create it. Vince Gray didn’t create that. … What we have to do is have an ideal of trying to bring everybody together, as Mayor Gray has tried to do, but the reality is that Washington has become a city of the haves and have-nots.” He added, “I think it’s up to white people to be more open-minded. Blacks are more open-minded than they are.” More from Loose LipsAPWUSA-TV and DCist.

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