U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr., seen in 2012, is facing a public opinion backlash as the election approaches. (Matt McClain – For The Washington Post)

For the better part of two years, U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. has put plenty of pressure on the District’s political establishment — especially Mayor Vincent C. Gray. But with serious allegations against Gray on the table, no indictment forthcoming, and an election just a week away, it’s Machen who is now feeling some pressure. Start with Colby King’s weekend column, which says Machen & Co. have “gone public in a forum that denies Gray the opportunity to confront his accusers, to examine the government’s evidence or to cross-examine prosecution witnesses. … [T]he investigative steps Machen is taking in pursuit of Gray may be procedurally correct. But are they fair?” Add to that the opinions of two legal ethics scholars, who say in a Post op-ed that Machen “failed to respect the code of ethics that all lawyers must comply with” by calling out Gray (if not by name) at a news conference. And for good measure, consider this macro critique from Post editor Hilary Krieger: “Should a little corruption matter to voters?”

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