Relisha Tenau Rudd, 8, went missing Feb. 26. (Homeless Children’s Playtime Project)

With 8-year-old Relisha Rudd missing almost a month now, police issued new photos Monday of Relisha and the man suspected of abducting her, 51-year-old janitor Kahlil Tatum. They show Relisha at play in the D.C. General homeless shelter where she lived. The search continues up and down the east coast, and Post columnist Petula Dvorak is put in the mind of another agonizing search: “She deserved a mother who protected and cared for her and didn’t hand her over to a janitor. She deserved a school where the teachers and principal went on high alert for her when she stopped showing up to class for a long time. She deserved a social safety net that recognized her life was chaotic, unstable and dangerous — and caught her. … And right now, she deserves as much attention as a missing Malaysian airliner. She deserves an all-out nationwide manhunt.”

In other news:

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