The man suspected of abducting Relisha Rudd, 8, allegedly posed as a doctor to appease curious school officials. (Homeless Children’s Playtime Project)

Many were entrusted with the care of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd — the school she attended, the shelter where she lived, a child welfare agency that had long kept an eye on her family, and, of course, her mother. Who among them is liable for her disappearance is not an easy question to answer. The Post’s Peter Hermann, Emma Brown and Lynh Bui dig in to a heartbreaking tale: “With the search now into its eighth day with no breaks, Relisha’s difficult past is coming into focus. Guardians, social workers and employees at the subsidized shelter had extensive contact with Relisha but missed or ignored repeated opportunities to intervene weeks or even years ago, records show. And her mother, who allowed Relisha to be with Tatum, told school officials her daughter was missing school because she was sick, an explanation that authorities say delayed their ability to respond.”

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