Gray chats with Frances Johnson during a July 2013 walk-through in Ward 8. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Months of campaigning have come down to this: A statistically tied race for the Democratic mayoral nomination and four last days on the campaign trail. The Post’s Paul Schwartzman looks at how incumbent Vincent C. Gray is making his closing argument: by preaching to the choir and hoping they’ll stand up again and sing. “Gray is staking his political future on the black neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River where he won overwhelming support four years ago,” he writes. “And he is rebutting with renewed vigor any questions about his ethics.” The Gray strategy has sought to lock up his base — through a Marion Barry endorsement, black-radio ads, even a new hospital proposal for Ward 8 — while sowing last-minute doubts about surging challenger Muriel Bowser.

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