Muriel Bowser may be acting mayoral, but Vincent C. Gray will remain in office for nine more months. (Melina Mara/ The Washington Post)

Muriel Bowser on Wednesday, fresh off her Democratic primary win, looked mayoral and acted mayoral in her first news briefing at the National Press Club, where she embraced the tag of “presumptive” mayor-elect despite a not-inconsequential general election campaign to come. But — and a major but here — she is not the mayor for at least nine months. That remains Mayor Vincent C. Gray, who now begins an unprecedented nine-month lame duck period, during which he’ll be trying to move a budget through a D.C. Council containing two of his likely successors. Bowser hinted Wednesday she intended to occupy a role in the process that outstrips her status as a ward representative and committee chair: “I will work with my colleagues on the council to make sure there are priorities that I can support when I get in office.”

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