Henderson says she needs until 2017 to reach her lofty goals for the D.C. Public Schools. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

In a post-Vincent Gray D.C. government, no official’s fate will be more closely watched than Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s. Will she stay under a Mayor Muriel Bowser or a Mayor David Catania? Neither, the Post’s Emma Brown notes, has pledged to keep Henderson, and if they did, there’s no guarantee that she would remain.  “I’ve got a boss until December, and I just need to keep working for him,” she said Wednesday. Still, the coming general election contest is certain to center on education, and Henderson says she has unfinished business — namely, five goals for student achievement and satisfaction she set in 2012. “If I can meet those goals by 2017, then I will have delivered a very different school district,” she said. “And then, I’ll be headed to a beach somewhere because the city will have beaten my good years out of me.”

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