Elementary school enrollment policies could change in the shaded areas. (Washington Post graphic by Ted Mellnik, Darla Cameron and Emily Chow)

And you thought the mayoral election was controversial. The first concrete proposal in four decades to redraw elementary school boundaries and change the way that D.C. children are now entitled to attend the city’s public schools hit the street Saturday. The Post’s Emma Brown reports: “In Washington, as in most jurisdictions, where students go to school is a matter fraught with race and class tensions. The proposals on the table almost certainly will generate significant debate. The most intense disagreement may come from the conflict between creating more options for families by expanding lottery-based admissions and establishing predictability by guaranteeing rights to neighborhood schools.” Said one parent, “I think these changes are, in the short-term, built around the retention of young white people. … I’ve been here a long time, and I want my child to have access to a great education, too.”

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