It’s no secret that a recent show of Democratic unity from Mayor Vincent C. Gray toward recent primary victor Muriel E. Bowser has been grudging at best.

Still, some Bowser partisans see evidence of ongoing sour grapes in the fact that the Gray campaign’s anti-Bowser Web site,, remains up more than a week after Bowser trounced Gray in the April 1 primary.

The site, including two YouTube videos, depicts Bowser as an inexperienced manager and as a unreliable navigator for public school reform — both potential lines of attack for general-election foes, including independent David A. Catania.

Gray, asked about’s future  Tuesday afternoon, said he would look into the matter. As of Thursday morning, the site was still active.

Chuck Thies, Gray’s campaign manager, said Thursday morning he has sent a request to the campaign’s Web vendor requesting its entire Internet presence, including, be deactivated around close of business Friday.

“We will pull the plug tomorrow,” he said. “There’s no political agenda at all. It’s just a matter of unwinding this whole thing.”

Flipping the switch on the Web site, Thies said, has taken a back seat to other “mopping up” matters in the first days of the post-election period, such as paying workers and vendors and responding to compliance requests from campaign-finance authorities. Among the complications, he said, is making sure the videos and other materials are properly archived in case of future compliance inquiries.