David Catania is pushing back hard on proposed changes to school admission patterns and policies. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

The early reviews for a mass overhaul of public school boundaries and admission policies are in: The leading mayoral candidates aren’t much pleased by the “policy options” put forth in recent days by Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration. Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser acknowledges some “intriguing ideas” in the Gray proposals, the Post’s Emma Brown reports, but rejects more radical changes to feeder patterns as a threat to “predictability.” Independent David A. Catania, meanwhile, says two of three options are wholly unworkable betrayals of a “matter of right system,” while the third, he says, would invite a civil-rights lawsuit as currently structured. So, yeah, expect this to be a campaign issue. More from WAMU-FMHousing Complex and WJLA-TV.

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