First, residents were upset unwanted cans went uncollected. Now some say crews are overzealously plucking them from streets and alleys. (Aaron C. Davis/The Washington Post)

Our long civic garbage-can nightmare is not yet over. First, under orders from Mayor Vincent C. Gray, the city’s Department of Public Works rushed to deliver hundreds of thousands of trash cans and recycling bins to city households. Then, crews failed to quickly pick up the old bins, leaving a glut of unwanted plastic receptacles in city streets and alleys. Last week, the Gray administration announced a “blitz” to quickly remove those unwanted bins. Now the blitz is underway, and some residents, The Post’s Aaron Davis reports, are finding that city crews are removing not only the old, unwanted bins, but the new bins, too. It has come to this: “A resident of Verplanck Street, near American University, reported a physical altercation with a trash crew when he tried to keep his older can and put it back in his garage.” More on the trash-can saga from City Paper.

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