Resident Teresa Ahmann found scores of trash and recycling bins mixed in with garbage at the city’s Fort Totten Transfer Station on May 14, during the city’s “blitz” to rid neighborhoods of unwanted cans. (Photo courtesy of Teresa Ahmann)

The latest twist in the city’s months-long trash-can saga: While making plans to rush delivery of more than 200,000 new trash and recycling cans to city residents, city officials consistently pledged to recycle the old, unwanted cans. Now, after the city botched the pickup of the old cans, comes evidence that at least some cans are being simply chucked in the trash. The Post’s Aaron C. Davis witnessed a Department of Public Works crew throwing old cans into the back of their garbage truck, along with bans of trash. And a resident visiting the Fort Totten dump last week snapped a photo of crushed cans amid a mountain of trash. So far, DPW hasn’t offered much in the way of an explanation — only this: “During the seven-day blitz … we collected about 11,000” cans, said spokeswoman Linda Grant.

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