Brown will pay a steep price for accepting bribes from undercover federal agents. (U.S. Department of Justice)

This is how the latest chapter of Michael A. Brown’s life closes: An apology, a stern admonishment from a federal judge and a 39-month prison sentence for the former D.C. Council member. In front of Brown’s mother and sister, U.S. District Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts told Brown he was “stunned” by the bribes he had taken and how he had brought “dishonor on an honored family name.” Before receiving his sentence, Brown and his lawyer asked for mercy, noting the pain his father’s death had caused and the good works Brown has done. Said Brown, in the course of apologizing to family, friends and colleagues, “I should have resisted the culture of corruption running rampant in our city, and I should have done so steadfastly.” Now, in the coming weeks, he will report to a federal prison. And future chapters of the Michael Brown story, his lawyer assured Roberts, will not include public office. More from WTTG-TVWaTimesLoose LipsWAMU-FMWashingtonianAPWUSA-TVWJLA-TVWRC-TVDCist and WNEW-FM.

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