In D.C.’s draft plan for decades of transportation improvements, bike lanes are only the beginning. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

The shape of the District’s transportation future should come as little surprise to those who have listened closely to D.C.’s elected officials and planners over the past 15 years: More transit, dedicated bus lanes, new Metro rail lines and hundreds of miles of new bike lanes, as well as new vehicle tolls and other moves to discourage auto commuting. All of that is contained in the new “moveDC” plan, the Post’s Luz Lazo reports, released last week by the D.C. transportation department after a year-long public process. Transit availability and reliability would increase under the plan, she writes. “But dissuading driving could be a challenge in a city in which almost 35 percent of residents drive to work alone and only about 6.2 percent carpool.” You have until June 27 to review the plan and share your thoughts at

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