Barry, celebrating his first D.C. election victory, in 1971 (Ellsworth Davis/The Washington Post)

Today’s the day: Grab your copy of “Mayor for Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Barry, Jr.” Or, if you prefer, grab one of the 55 copies that the D.C. Public Library has ready to borrow. Or just read a few more key details from the book, like how Barry makes sure we know no other mayor has been able to meet the standard he set, or the complete list of acknowledgments made in his foreword. Another worthy read is Washingtonian’s Harry Jaffe on some of the names you won’t find in the book, like local cops Al Arrington and Jim Pawlik, who kept the investigation into Barry’s drug use going. Or just soak in the media coverage, which has only just begun — whether it’s on the Tom Joyner Morning Showlocal TV newscasts or, of course, Gawker. Rest assured, it’s only just begun.

In other news:

Streetlight contract is yet again thrown out on appeal (WBJ)

While D.C. jail suicides have abated, suicide attempts have not, records show (WRC-TV)

Shaw homicide takes a decidedly bizarre turn with “Ninja-style weapon” and possible second victim (Post)

Discrimination claim against Cathy Lanier goes to trial (WTTG-TV)

New school boundary proposal goes lighter on the demographic engineering (GGW)

“It would be a waste of a huge amount of time and energy” for next mayor to jettison redrawing efforts (G’town Met)

Barbara Lang on her David Catania endorsement: “I picked the candidate I believe is the strongest. More business people should do the same.” (WBJ)

Elissa Silverman kicks off her campaign by knocking her nonvoting rivals (Loose Lips)

Add Christian Carter, Calvin Gurley and Courtney Snowden to the list of at-large wannabes (Loose Lips)

Another “gym tax” protest: Yoga on Freedom Plaza (WTTG-TVWJLA-TV)

An extensive defense of said gym tax (Poverty & Policy)

David Grosso suggests turning city land into “urban farms.” But what about the rats? (WAMU-FMDCist)

Sexual assault victims could have easier path to public benefits thanks to D.C. Court of Appeals ruling (Post)

Pushback on Virginia Avenue Tunnel plans is underway (Post letter)

Two Banneker grads win prestigious Gates Foundation scholarships (Post)

Man found dead in burned Kingman Park building committed suicide, police say (Post)

Teen sought in attempted sexual assault along the Metropolitan Branch Trail (Post)

Missing: George Chapman, 72, last seen in Randle Highlands (WJLA-TV)

Missing: Dalila Brookes, 39, last seen in Fairlawn (WUSA-TV)

Fire early Monday at Phyllis Wheatley YWCA (WRC-TV)

The Antoine Jones Supreme Court ruling hasn’t settled GPS surveillance law (AP)

Silver Line opening date could be announced next week (Dr. Gridlock)

No, there will be no “gold class option” for the north-south streetcar line (Next City)

Let CareFirst members keep CareFirst’s surplus? (Post letter)

Studios at The Louis start at $1,900/month (Curbed)

Anthony Lanier made at least $4 million on his ultra-luxe Georgetown condo building (WBJ)

Harry Reid won’t attend a Redskins game until the name is changed (Post Politics)

Vince Gray welcomes DeSean Jackson to town (Reliable Source)

So long to the National Zoo’s invertebrates (PostCity Desk)

At 10 a.m., you can watch a D.C. Court of Appeals oral argument live on the web (DCCA)

It’s going to be hot tomorrow, so put your trash out early (City Desk)

45 years of Jim Vance on Channel 4 (WRC-TV)

There’s a guy who likes to play a full drum kit in the middle of Rock Creek Park (PoPville)