Residents of D.C. General are beset by often-horrific living conditions, and finding alternatives has not been simple. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

No one was under the impression that the D.C. General family homeless shelter is any kind of garden spot. But a months-long Washington Post investigation shows that conditions inside the dilapidated, supposedly temporary home to nearly 800 poor District residents is even more of a hellhole than widely thought. If it’s not the spiders and roaches, it’s the raccoons. If it’s not the routinely flouted curfews, it’s the soiled diapers tossed on the roof and left to fester. If it’s not the lack of climate control or hot water or working elevators, it’s the lax background checks that have allowed shelter employees to prey on residents — residents like Relisha Rudd, still missing and presumed dead.

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