If there were an easy solution to D.C. General, it would have been solved by now. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

In a letter to the Post, Beatriz “B.B.” Otero, deputy mayor for health and human services, responds to the revelations contained in the Post’s recent investigation of conditions at the D.C. General family shelter. Otero’s missive is in part defensive — “Reforming the system is the only thing that can help families achieve self-sufficiency and lift themselves out of poverty, but it is not the stuff of newspaper exposés” — and in part acknowledges the vast failure contained there: “No amount of money could make D.C. General a suitable place for children, and that’s why Mr. Gray has tasked me with developing a plan by the end of the summer to close it.” A Post editorial, meanwhile, calls the shelter “a stain on the District for which the mayor and D.C. Council share responsibility” — Vincent Gray for a lack of planning, the council for a lack of cooperation. “Let’s hope the two council members running for mayor … treat this issue as a problem to solve rather than political fodder.”

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