Carrying one ounce of marijuana or less now carries less of a risk in the District: Just a $25 fine, not an arrest. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Starting Thursday, D.C. cops can’t arrest you for having a small amount of marijuana. But before you start blazing on the street, consider these caveats to marijuana decriminalization: Using weed is public is still a criminal offense, so handcuffs will be involved if you smoke in front of a cop. Same goes for possessing more than one ounce or driving under the influence of drugs. Although D.C. police will abide by the new law, federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Park Police, Secret Service and Capitol Police, can still arrest you for minor possession offenses under federal law. And, as D.C. police is pointing out, just because possessing marijuana is no longer a crime in the District, it doesn’t mean you should. More from WaTimesWAMU-FMWJLA-TVDCist and WTOP.

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