Principal Pete Cahall, waves a rainbow flag, symbolizing gay pride, at a rally of about 1,000 Wilson High School students and gay supporters June 9. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

You might have assumed that when Pete Cahall, the 50-year-old principal of Wilson High School, told his students, parents and assembled reporters last month that he was “a proud gay man,” that it was a carefully crafted, meticulously planned media stunt. Far from it, he makes clear in an extended interview for a new Post Style profile by Ellen McCarthy: “Cahall would sweat and stutter and shake like a child struck by fever before he got the words out. It would take all that — on top of 50 years of dread — for him to say it. But then he did.” Read on and learn how Cahall graduated from decades in the closet.

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