A D.C. police SWAT team moves in to arrest the men involved in an invented robbery scheme, in September 2013. (Obtained by The Washington Post)

D.C. police and prosecutors have come up with a remarkably successful way of arresting armed robbers, the Post’s Ann Marimow reports: “Instead of waiting for suspects to act, police are essentially bringing robbery opportunities, albeit fake ones, to them” — recruiting, they say, known miscreants and luring them to participate in illegal schemes. It’s a strategy that has been used by federal agents — and questioned in several cases by federal judges — but officials insists this is not entrapment: “We don’t arrest people who don’t want to do this,” said one former D.C. police sergeant who participated in the undercover operations. Defense lawyers differ: “Part of the reason the District cases have been so successful … is that the potential jail time for the federal conspiracy charge is steep enough that many defendants are more inclined to make a deal with prosecutors than risk losing at trial.”

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