It doesn’t get any cooler than this, folks. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

That’s it, folks. We can stop now. The two-decade-long transformation of the District of Columbia is now complete: Forbes magazine has declared that D.C. is America’s coolest city. So, pack up the small-plates restaurants. Paint over the bike lanes. Bulldoze the microunits. There’s simply nowhere to go from here, right? Unfortunately, doubters abound. D.C. is “downright passé,” said one. But let there be no doubt that our grand civic quest for coolness has been a rousing success. Take Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s word for it: “The nation’s capital is truly the best place in America to live – and we now have ample independent assessments in a variety of areas to prove it.”

In other news:

It’s official: Marijuana legalization will be on the Nov. 4 ballot (PostWAMU-FMWaTimesRoll CallWashingtonianLoose LipsWRC-TVDCistWSJBloombergPolitico)

Every mayoral candidate but Carol Schwartz says they will vote for it (@mikedebonis)

“Congressman Harris will most likely continue the fight against the legalization of marijuana in D.C.” (The Hill)

David Catania wages his mayoral campaign under less-than-optimal circumstances (City Paper)

Carol Schwartz turns in her petitions, tells media not to sell her short (PostLoose LipsWAMU-FMDCistAP)

Marion Barry says supporters offered to pay his parking tickets (PostWTOPWRC-TV)

Tommy Wells: Senior housing should be part of MLK Library renovation plan (GGW)

Court hearing over, fate of Corcoran Gallery is now in judge’s hands (PostAP)

Museum Square owner: $250 million price tag is “very reasonable” and “we don’t think of it as displacement” (Post)

When Low Income Housing Tax Credits expire, so does the affordable housing they finance (Housing Complex)

Architect Shalom Baranes: Government is ruining architecture in D.C. (WBJHousing Complex)

Jonetta Rose Barras: How dare longtime Portner Place residents get what they want (Post column)

In budget autonomy court battle, “the council and its attorneys certainly deserve credit for sparing no effort in trying to win this basic right for D.C. citizens” (Post editorial)

Taxi Commission softens proposal to limit ridesharing drivers’ hours; Uber still hates it (WAMU-FM)

Uber is now street-legal in Virginia; not so much in Maryland (Dr. GridlockDr. Gridlock)

Motorcycle rider, 17, dies after being chased into D.C. by Prince George’s cops (Post)

More alleged transgender attack on Metro train; suspect will undergo mental health review (Blade)

Cafe Asia loses its liquor license after Big G Stabbing (Post)

Key D.C. public health metrics in one big graphic (DCist)

Pop up now if you can: New building height regulations could go into effect as soon as January (District Source)

New Rapid Rehousing regulations fall short of key goals (Poverty & Policy)

Hizzoner breaks ground on Stead Park renos (District Source)

Jamestown Properties of Atlanta is the new owner of Georgetown Park mall (Digger)

Chef Frank Ruta is back on Connecticut Avenue, kind of (GOG)

Adults-only “water festival” at Yards Park Saturday (WTOP)

Big dog moves to Virginia; we’re supposed to care (ExpressWTOP)