Two large lion sculptures mark the entrance at the Corcoran Gallery. (Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post)

This is how 145 years of independence ends for the Corcoran Gallery of Art: with a 49-page court opinion that expresses regret and sadness over the demise of Washington’s oldest private cultural institution but finds that allowing the Corcoran to disband is, at this point, the best way to ensure the gallery’s assets continue to serve Washingtonians. Superior Court Judge Robert Okun granted the petition of the Corcoran’s trustees to give most of the museum’s art to the National Gallery, while George Washington University takes over the school of art and design. “This court finds it painful to issue an order that effectively dissolves the Corcoran as an independent entity,” Okun wrote. “But this court would find it even more painful to deny the relief requested and allow the Corcoran to face its likely demise — the likely dissolution of the college, the closing of the gallery, and the dispersal of the gallery’s entire collection.”

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