Did Vince Gray just do his successor a huge favor? By accepting and adopting a new set of boundary and feeder patterns for the D.C. Public Schools, along with a host of education policy changes, Gray may have given the next mayor the gift of a new status quo — one that addresses schools’ overcrowding and underenrollment as well as the often incoherent pathways students are expected to take through the system. But the plan has its foes, in neighborhoods newly excluded from Deal Middle and Wilson High schools, but in other areas, too. So far, mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser and David Catania are mum; said candidate Carol Schwartz, “it is what it is.” More from WAMU-FMHousing ComplexDCist.

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In other news:

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DDOT’s message to cyclists circa 1982: “The majority of bicyclist/motor vehicle accidents in the District are caused by bicyclists” (Housing ComplexDDOT)

Statehood Green party disclaims any responsibility for “Democrats in independents’ clothing” stickers (Loose Lips)

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