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The Washington Post

As regulators dig in, 'Power D.C.' says $6.8B deal is bad for the District.

Possible sale of Safeway property has D.C. Council members seeking to ban grocery covenants.

Regulators have approved rates for plans offered through D.C. Health Link.

Some former drug dealers try a new street hustle: Fragrant oils.

Klink and Drizly are good to go, liquor regulators say; Ultra, which was shut down in June, is a work in progress.

Activists acknowledge there's not enough time to gather signatures before July deadline.

Ultra, which delivers packaged alcohol to D.C. doorsteps, was ordered to cease and desist Thursday.

Yes, D.C. is making a serious Olympics bid.

After years of debate, ex-offenders pass full council vote, but further tweaks are expected.

Tommy Wells says he could either weaken his bill and move it toward passage, or keep it intact and watch it languish.

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