The Washington Post

School reform has yet to break the cycle of middle-class flight.

New data from city economists show D.C. incomes are more unequal than China, Mexico and the U.S. as a whole.

Two Wall Street bond raters improve their opinion on city's long-term debt.

Urban Institute analysis concludes low-income families will benefit, but so will government spending.

After three years, Vincent Gray's signature jobs program is still going strong.

Analysis of Census data says only Atlanta, Boston and Miami have higher income disparities.

The announcement comes after minimum wage bills are introduced in Montgomery and Prince George's county councils..

CFO Natwar M. Gandhi says city will take in more even as a federal shutdown cuts into tax collections.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray said Friday the federal budget cutbacks known as sequestration have started to take a toll on the city economy.

A report from the Center for Housing Policy shows how the region's housing prices are getting increasingly out of whack with residents' incomes.

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