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The Washington Post

Pro-legalization voters were most concentrated in wards 1 and 2.

Former mayor Sharon Pratt discusses what Missouri can learn from D.C.'s two-decade-old troubles.

Internal Revenue Service agents seize documents from troubled Southeast housing complex.

Cornell Jones was found to have swindled the city out of $330,000 in HIV/AIDS grants, a jury found.

City officials scramble to deal with federal judge's weekend ruling striking down carry ban.

In unusual weekend ruling, federal judge declares city ban on carrying of weapons is unconstitutional.

D.C. police and prosecutors have found an effective, if questionable new way to get armed robbers off the streets.

Kevin Martin is the fifth man to be vindicated after examination of faulty FBI evidence analysis.

D.C. police is pointing out, just because possessing marijuana is no longer a crime in the District, it doesn't mean you should.

Federal prosecutors determine no charges will be filed against police officers who shot Miriam Carey on Oct. 3.

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