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Only Delaware more evenly spreads tax burden among rich and poor.

Before today, there was no provision for appointing an acting CFO should the actual CFO resign or otherwise be incapable of holding office.

The Wall Street firm improved its opinion of some District bonds, handing city officials a modest reward for their financial management amid ongoing federal budget uncertainty.

D.C. alone had a fully funded municipal employee pension plan in fiscal 2009, according to a study by the Pew Center on the States

Barring another round of upward revisions, the rising costs of government threaten to quickly outstrip the new revenue projections.

The embattled business is mounting a last-ditch effort to prevent the dismantling of the firm he built into the city's dominant manager of government-funded health care.

Mayor and D.C. Council members have asked city finance officials to do a rigorous cost-benefit analysis of FBI relocation options.

But whoever replaces Natwar Gandhi will have some unfinished business to attend to.

One dead taxpayer is apparently responsible for a $50 million contribution to city coffers, contributing mightily to an overall surplus of $417 million.

Uncertainty over federal spending cuts means about 120 available shelter space is going unused.

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