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The Washington Post

Parade organizers beseech the mayor to allow new route.

The activist and promoter backing Muriel Bowser made a music video and filed a lawsuit after he says David Catania libeled him in an e-mail.

The performer and producer tweeted his support for the D.C. mayoral candidate Thursday.

Promoter and activist Ronald Moten reprises his Blackstreet-inspired video campaign.

Perhaps the most famous event in D.C. musical history took place on Feb. 11, 1964, when the Beatles played the Washington Coliseum.

The city scaled back the plans announced by Mayor Vincent C. Gray at Brown's May 2012 funeral.

A $1 million steel-and-wood music pavilion will be built this year on the grounds of Langdon Park in Northeast.

Let's ponder for a moment an alternate, much better universe where a different EU would be honored by the Nobel committee.