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A new book critiquing economists’ study of Africa is a warning to all analysts studying African countries without sufficient consideration of historical context.

How did an Orlando teenager come to play a major role as a violent warlord in Liberia's civil war?

A new book explores the obstacles to implementing African socialism, and development more generally.

The apartheid system took property, taking dignity with it. Can either be restored?

An in-depth study of indigenous hunting is the context for a new book on technology and innovation in Africa.

This is not your grandfather's nation-state. And yet it works.

You might also give up on the adage about teaching a man to fish.

Why does so much international conflict advocacy go wrong, and what do we do about it?

A new book will make you update your beliefs about politics and sexual diversity in Africa.

China's influence in Africa is growing. Should Western policy makers be worried?

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