First baseman Adam LaRoche is sitting out tonight’s game only for maintenance, he said, not because he suffered any setback to the slightly torn labrum in his left shoulder that he has played through all season. He spoke with Manager Jim Riggleman, and they mutually decided today would be a good time to rest his shoulder.

“Physically, he’s the same as he has been,” Riggleman said. “I just really admire him for playing through something there that may be with him all year. It’s not the most comfortable situation. He plays every day. He plays great over there for us. He’s just a total gamer. It’s comforting to have him out there.”

LaRoche joked that only “my feelings” are hurt. He’s batting .189/.305/.311 for the season and currently stuck in a 1-for-21 slump. Friday, he struck out three times and ended Saturday’s game with a bases-loaded strikeout.

“This is how bad it’s gotten,” LaRoche said, smiling as he launched into a story. Saturday, he said, he was at home and a wasp was flying around his kitchen. His wife called him in for help. LaRoche took a small bat and whacked it, killing the bug. His wife, he said, looked at him and said, “Wow. That’s the first thing you’ve hit all day.”