Rizzo has spoken with the representatives for the players but hasn’t made significant headway. Again, though, it would be more surprising if the Nationals were nearing agreements. The Nationals are still expected to sign all four players by the deadline.

The Nationals have yet to sign first round picks infielder Anthony Rendon, pitcher Alex Meyer, supplemental round pick outfielder Brian Goodwin and third round pick Matt Purke. Scott Boras, with whom the Nationals reached massive deals for Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper the past two seasons, represents Rendon, Meyer and Goodwin

All four have undergone physicals. The Nationals administered a physical to Purke at Nationals Park, while the three Boras clients had theirs done independently. The Nationals are satisfied all four have no health issues. Both Purke and Rendon dealt with shoulder issues in college, which made their health of particular interest.