Rendon said his shoulder is healthy and implied the concern about it had been overblown during the run-up to the draft. The injury that relegated him to designated hitter for most of his season at Rice, he said, was a muscle strain in the back of his shoulder, and it will not require surgery, he said.

“There’s nothing wrong with my shoulder,” Rendon said. “It’s just a little tweak. A little rest, and I’ll be fine. I had my medical records out there, and all that’s behind.”

Yesterday, General Manager Mike Rizzo expressed confidence in the fitness of Rendon’s shoulder, saying the Nationals medical had done its “due diligence” in checking out Rendon’s shoulder.

“I’m ready to get going,” Rendon said. “I’m thankful the Nationals gave me the opportunity. They know nothing is wrong with it. I know nothing is wrong with it.”

At Rice this year, Rendon’s shoulder only affected his throwing, not his swinging. After resting his shoulder, though, Rendon said he could start playing if and when the Nationals hammer out his contract this summer.

“I feel good,” Rendon said. “I feel ready to go.”

Both Rendon and 23rd overall pick Alex Meyer met with reporters on a conference call. I’ll have more from them in a post either later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow morning.