In his weekly online chat, columnist Thomas Boswell addressed a variety of questions about the Washington Nationals — from Stephen Strasburg’s innings limit to Jayson Werth’s beard.

Here’s part of what Boswell said when asked about high expectations for the season:

The reason not to get TOO excited about the Nats is that, at some point, this team is going to get hit full in the face with the burden of High Expectatins. Every rising team faces it. And it's real. You have to work through it. And it will be ugly. What will it look like? It will look a lot like yesterday's 10-2 loss! But it will be in the regualr season and it'll matter. Nervous errors, tight-looking hitters.

I assumed the Nats would be semi-under the radar this year. But it doesn't look like it. Way too many people have caught on — because it's obvious. So, maybe they have to learn to cope with "you guys are supposed to be good. So play like it" this year, not in '13.

This is the kind of "problem" every team wants and that now DC team has had since the '30s. So enjoy it.

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