(Alex Brandon/AP)

In the days after Harper’s quote, Denver Beer Co. brewed a small, special batch of Canadian lager and named it, “Clown Question Bro.” They tapped the first keg Monday afternoon, in time for the Nationals’ arrival in Colorado.

Early this week, Charlie Berger, the co-owner of the brewery, received a surprising call: it was someone in Harper’s camp, and he wanted to talk about the profits from the beer.

On Monday morning, after the Nationals had arrived in Denver, Harper learned from local news reports about the killing of Officer Celena Hollis, a veteran policewoman who was raising a 12-year-old daughter on her own. Harper had recommended Denver Beer Company donate a chunk of the proceeds to a memorial fund that will support Hollis’s daughter.

“It’s exciting to hear from Bryce,” Berger said. “We were making this beer just for fun. We never thought it would pick up to this extent. First of all, we’re definitely flattered. More important, the fact that he was making a lot of good come from it, it’s valiant. It says something about Bryce.”

Berger said the brewery will act on Harper’s idea and donate to the Celena Hollis Memorial Fund. Berger has not yet reached out to the family, wanting to give them time to grieve. He hopes the recognition provided by “That’s a clown question, bro” and Harper will increase the effort to raise for Hollis’s family.

“At Denver Beer Co, we only made a small amount of the beer,” Berger said. “We’d love to use this as opportunity to make a much, much bigger impact.”

You can make a donation to the Celena Hollis Memorial Fund through the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union. The relevant information is available by clicking through this link. If everyone who reads this donates just a couple bucks, that would be a huge contribution to a great cause from our little corner of the internet.