(Al Behrman/AP)

“I’ve been playing down there for a while now,” Tracy said. “I’ve got some at-bats, and I was swinging it really well. I have no doubt that I should be ready to. I’m want to get in there. … My swing feels good. That’s the most important thing.”

Tracy, who needed surgery to repair a sports hernia, had trouble with his first step and quickness on the bases. He feels “good to go” now, he said. He got the feel for pinch-hitting back Sunday in Syracuse, when he came off the bench and launched a home run. “That’s kind of the mindset I wanted to get into,” Tracy said.

Over the past week, Tracy rehabbed with Jayson Werth, who should return soon. Werth’s presence helped Tracy feel like he could return with confidence.

“That was good,” Tracy said. “We could talk to each other, push each other. We were hitting 2-3. It was good. You can get a realistic idea of how we’d do when we got back here.”