Wang will relieve Ross Detwiler tonight if the Nationals require a long reliever. If Detwiler pitches well and goes deep into his start, then it’s unclear what will become of Wang. Johnson said Wang will pitch in the bullpen during the game regardless of how Detwiler fares.

“I look at Chien-Ming more as a starter, not to set up or close,” Johnson said. “He will definitely throw in the pen. I will probably not have room tomorrow with Stras pitching.”

Clearly, the Nationals are in a unique situation with Wang. They basically have a six-man bullpen except for one day every five, and on that day it’s unclear if they will even need the seventh.

While it allows the Nationals to maintain their needed starting depth, it’s not ideal. Unless it works itself out with an injury, the Nationals will need to figure out a way not to waste Wang.